Faith Milestones

What is a Faith Milestone?
Christian faith is bolstered and upheld by many significant faith events. At Peace we like to call these Faith Milestones. A couple of these milestones were commanded by Jesus. These are called sacraments and include baptism and Holy Communion. Everything else is a part of Christian tradition that helps a person connect with God during significant or difficult times.

Please contact Pastor Eliza to receive more information about pre-baptism preparation. At Peace we baptize infants, children, teens, and adults. To confirm your desire to be baptized or have your child baptized, please return this form to the office.

First Communion
Peace invites 2nd graders (and older) to participate in annual instruction for First Communion. The sessions are intended for parents and children to participate together. Instruction begins in January or February. If your child is younger than 2nd grade and has shown interest or has started taking Holy Communion during worship, reach out to Pastor Eliza to arrange a teaching visit that is age appropriate for your child.

We provide a shared confirmation program with area ELCA churches for 7th-9th graders. If you have a child who will be entering 7th grade, please reach out to Pastor Eliza to register your child and schedule an onboarding conversation.

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Please contact the office to check for building availability. Contact Pastor Eliza for officiant or premarital counseling information.

Peace’s building is available to members and non-members for funeral services. If you are interested in a pre-planning session with Pastor Eliza, please email her to schedule.