Dear Peace Lutheran Voting Members-

Our council and leaders became aware of some updates needed to our constitution earlier this year. The council also had a couple of changes it would like to suggest to our bylaws.

After some learning and a lot of work, there is a document that is ready for your review! This new constitution will be presented for adoption at the January 17, 2021 Annual Meeting. In the meantime, we ask that as a voting member you familiarize yourself with the document and come to the meeting with a basic understanding of the changes that have been made.

An outline of these changes/suggestions is:

  • This constitution is brought up to compliance with the 2019 ELCA Model Constitution. This is something that is done every three years and accomplished by one congregational vote.
  • In Chapter 10 (C10.01.01), the Peace Council is proposing a change to the bylaw regarding annual meetings. The change would require that Peace Congregation gathers for two regular meetings per year. The benefit of doing this is the ability to vote more regularly on congregational business without the extra work associated with a special meeting. It will also increase transparency between the council and members.
  • In Chapter 12, the Peace Council is proposing that the spending limit beyond our budget is increased from $3,000 to $10,000. This would allow the council to enter into contracts such as parking lot maintenance or various building needs without the delay of a special congregational meeting. C12.05.01 outlines that the council can only enter into contracts up to this amount if the funds are readily available.

The updated document is available on our website at this link: . Or hard copies can be reviewed at the church during normal office hours. If you would like to request a hard copy be sent to you, please reach out to Sandy in the office.

Peace to you,

Pastor Eliza Johnson and Tami Weigel