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Who is Peace Lutheran?
Peace is the church in Barrett, MN. We understand God through a Lutheran lens, and are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Our congregation is made of people from many backgrounds and walks of life. Some people are lifelong members, some are new to the area and seeking connection, some people show up to connect with God and some bring their questions. God welcomes you, just as you are. At Peace we try each day to practice that welcome.

Peace Lutheran Church Barrett MN

Peace Lutheran Church Barrett MN

We believe that worship is a time to connect with God and with one another. Worship is a formative experience. Our worship follows a liturgy (fancy word for “the work of the people”) meaning that worship will include spoken parts, singing hymns, prayers, scripture, and sacrament. Congregational worship happens best when many people come together to make worship come alive. We value kids and seek to create a family friendly worship experience for people of all ages.

At Peace we believe that the meal of Holy Communion belongs to Jesus. Because Jesus never made exceptions to who was invited, neither do we. No matter your belief or unbelief, your age, or your tradition, the gift of Christ’s body and blood is for you.

Where to go from here?
If you have questions about Peace, you can email (office@peacebarrett.org), call (Office: 320-528-2536), or connect with us on Facebook. If you would like to meet with the pastor it is your choice to meet with her at her office, your home, or somewhere in between. We hope to get to know you!