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Small Groups and Fellowship at Peace Lutheran

Altar Guild
Support our worship life at Peace. Care for the worship space and prepare elements for Holy Communion. Contact Person: Pat Ronhovde

Peace Lutheran Church Barrett MN

Peace Lutheran Church Barrett MN

Ever Blessed Quilters
Join for fellowship and service with this group as they create quilts for congregational gifts, local and global needs. Contact Person: Irene Shervey

Men’s Breakfast
As a representative group of the Men of Peace Lutheran Church, we gather for fellowship, devotions, and a great breakfast twice a month on Tuesday mornings in the winter but don't meet during the summer months. We lift each other up in times of distress, and celebrate with each other in times of joy. We also exist to help support the young people of this congregation and other ministries which need special attention. We are able to do this financially through our Almost Famous Meatball suppers, which we hope are a ministry in and of themselves! Contact Person: Jeff Dreier

Breakfast Club
We host and serve breakfast for WCA Secondary Students once or twice per month during the school year. All are welcome! If you are a group that’s interested in serving, please contact the office for more information.

WELCA (Women of the ELCA)
We are the women's organization of the church. We meet once a month for Bible Study, a Business meeting and Fellowship. According to the Purpose Statement of WELCA, we are a Called community of women committing us to grow in faith and affirming our gifts for the church, the society, and the world. Our aims and goals are to provide support to the synod, community and local church with our time, talents and monetary contributions. We accomplish this by having a Spring Luncheon, Advent Brunch and a pie social, among many other things throughout the year. Contact Person: Pat Ronhovde