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Moses and the Law


We continue our Lenten Journey from Creation to the Cross:  The Stories OF God's People, BY God's People, with one of our longest readings for all of Lent, coming in at 27 minutes.  Today's reading we hear the beginning of Moses story from his lowly birth in the midst of scary circumstances, to his murderous rage, through his rise as an unlikely leader and his dealings with Pharaoh. Unlike many of our readings up until this point, there has actually be a good amount of time that has passed since we last heard about Joseph and his family.  The 12 brothers had grown to quite a large clan, and actually began to out number the Egyptians whose land Joseph worked.  This was pretty scary for the Egyptians.  Now instead of having the biggest conflict being a family struggle (like it was for Jacob and Esau or Joseph and his brothers) the newest challenge comes from outside the family.  Today's story we hear of threatened infanticide, slavery, a crafty mom and older sister (of Moses), murder, marriage, flaming plants, plagues, and more.  It may be a long reading, but it is definitely worth hearing, and fairly easy to follow what is going on.  Hope you get as much out of the reading today as I had reading it :-)