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Jacob's Story (part 2)

Hello! Today's reading in our Lenten Journey from Creation to the Cross:  The Story OF God's People, BY God's People, picks back up several years later with Jacob and Esau.  The reading is about 16 minutes.  Jacob is off in exile because he is worried that his brother might likely come and kill him for his treachery that you heard about yesterday.  Jacob seems to play innocent in this part of the story, but we know that he got himself in this situation!  Jacob also receives a new name in this reading, after a long wrestling match, he is now to be called Israel (a much more positive name).  After all of this Jacob/Israel finds forgiveness from his Brother Esau, and the family begins healing.  Our reading today also sees Jacob grow up and have a children, including his youngest named Joseph, even though Esau and Jacob were able to make up, that doesn't mean the family strife is over.