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Ash Wednesday


Today we, like many Christians throughout the world, begin the Church season of Lent(the "40 days" before Easter), as we are reminded that "we are dust, and to dust we shall return"  The season of Lent has many things that are often attached to it.  Whether you think of the tradition of "giving up" something for Lent, Lenten Wednesday services, or even the annual tradition of a special on the McDonald Fillet-o-fish, it is definitely a season that many of us our very aware of.

My encouragement is that this Lenten season you seek out practical things that you can do that will help prepare you for the saving message we hear on Good Friday and Easter.  This can be a number of different things, the sky is the limit.  Try something new, something that isn't a part of your normal routine, something that you aspire to.

As a Congregation this year we will be encouraging intentional daily bible reading.  You will notice a new tab has been added to the church webpage.  On that tab you will find daily readings for 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) throughout Lent.  These readings will range from 10 minutes up to around 30 minutes a piece, if you were to read them outloud.  If you track with these readings from now till Holy Week, you will hear much of the Big Picture Narrative of the Bible from Creation to the Cross.  These are the stories of your ancestors in the faith, as they have struggled with what it is to live.  I hope as you hear these stories this Lent, you can set aside what is foreign (names, places, even traditions), and instead hear yourself and your life (the commonalities).

These are the Stories of God's People from our shared history, and we will be hearing these stories from God's People, namely the members hear at Peace.  If you click the link to the readings you will be brought to a video of one of your friends or family members reading the story.  These quite literally are God's people, just like you.  We will make mistakes, we will mispronounce words, but we will learn and grow in our faith together.  If you are interested in helping with the project contact Pr. Matthew to setup a time to make your recording!

After that Long introduction, lets get to our first Day, our first story Creation and Fall