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Bringing Church Out


As many of you may know I (Pr. Matthew), have been ill for what is now almost a month (battling a cold, then pneumonia, now still recovering from some damage that was done in the process), and although I have been able to be present and keep up many of the "Up Front" ministries we see on a weekly basis like church on Sunday, and youth and other ministries on Wednesdays, I have not been
able to keep up what to me is one of the most important ministries you have entrusted to me.  That is bringing church out to those in our community who are no longer able to come to the church building as much as they would like.

This visitation ministry is extremely important to all who are apart of it, but I also know that going and visiting when I am sick is often not the best thing for their health or well being.  Although this is one of my highest priorities now that I am beginning to feel better, I ask you help to continue this ministry in the "Gap."

Yes, part of my visits is often bringing Communion, the bread and wine, the body and blood that reminds us that we are forgiven, but this is just one aspect of what church is for us all.  We join together in coffee hour, sharing our joys and our challenges with each other.  We encourage one another in laughter or a gentle pat on the back or handshake.  We are for each other a very real part of church that goes well beyond hearing of the Gospel and receiving the Sacraments.  This is what I would ask of you, if you are willing to go out and visit, to do what you already do so well in church and in the community we live in, I know it would mean so much to both those you intentionally visit, as well as yourself.

God's Blessing to all of you,
~Matthew Rose, Pastor