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From Creation To the Cross: The stories OF God's People, BY God's People

Blessings to all of you! As I have shared with many of you I was convicted (felt guilty) recently at a Pastors Conference, when I realized I was unable to put the “key” stories of the Bible in order. Somehow even though I have sat through more then 8 years of schooling specifically in “church stuff,” the basics were still lost on me. Because of this we started something in worship, to help all of us hear the Christian Story in order, at least Jesus' life from Christmas to Easter. In order to do this we have limited (temporarily) the readings in our Worship service to just our Psalm, and our Gospel reading (taken from the Narrative
Lectionary). Hopefully this is helping us hear Christ's story in a new way, focusing us in.

One of the challenges of the way we are using this different Lectionary, of course, is that we don't hear many the stories of our ancestors in the faith that appear in the Old Testament. Combining that thought with a request we had last year for daily bible readings for the season of Lent(the “40 days” between Ash Wednesday and Easter), has brought us to this years congregational project for Lent . I have compiled readings this year for Lent that take us through the “big picture” story From Creation To the Cross. You can find these readings listed by day, in this months newsletter, but it doesn't stop there. We read these stories, many of which can feel very distant, both in time and culture, and proclaim them as important because they are the story of God and God's People. We hope to hear ourselves in the midst of the challenges and joys of these ancient ancestors because we claim we to are God's People and that God is at work all around us still today. Because of this close connection we are going to try something kind of crazy, and hear these Stories OF God's People, BY God's People (thats YOU!). During Lent this year we hope to have each of these stories available to you read by your fellow family members of Peace Lutheran. There will be mistakes in the recordings, we will trip over tough words and our own tongues, but we will do it together. Very few of God's children are called to be Vocal Actors, or professional Bible Scholars, be we are ALL called to hear and share God's story, and hopefully in the midst of hearing what God has done in the past we can begin to see what God is doing in the present.

My prayer this Lent is that we all can grow closer to the God who is so big He created (and is still creating) everything, and who is also so close that He lets us come and touch his wounds, the wounds inflicted for our sake, for ultimate forgiveness.