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First let me begin by apologizing for this coming out so late this week, I have been (and still am) quite sick. I was diagnosed on Tuesday night with Pneumonia and complicating Asthma, which have both literally and figuratively taken my breath away this week, but more on that after the break.

Thank all of you for your prayers for the Confirmation Retreat that we had on Sunday afternoon through Monday evening, it was a GIANT success. We paired with a two point Parish from Kensington/Nora, for the event bringing our numbers up to 12 participants. We stayed, played and learned over at Arrow Wood Resort, just outside of Alexandria. The titles of our workshops were:

"Why do we go to church?"
"We go to church for Comfort!"
"We go to church for Challenge!"
"We go to church for Communion!"
"We go to church for Baptism!"

And all seemed to enjoy and learn from the whole experience. We also had time of course to play at Arrow Wood's large indoor Water park, and bond as a group in the midst of our splashing! We all left fulfilled, exhausted, and healthy. What more could one hope from a confirmation retreat! Feel free to ask the Confirmands more about their experience as you see them in the coming weeks

Although I did my best to not let on to the confirmation kids how sick I was, it became clear to me at the retreat that I had far more then a simple cold with cough. After literally spending all day Tuesday sleeping, my loving wife made an appointment for me to go to the Doctor. Although a hospital stay wasn't necessary, the Doctor told me my tests were close to needing that overnight stay.

In the midst of all of this I couldn't stop thinking about, the image that the the bible occasionally uses for the Holy Spirit, namely Breath. Somehow I think I usually take breath so for granted that I miss just how powerful that image of God truly is. Its when I miss my breath that I realize how much I depend on it, for everything that I do. Maybe this is my issue with taking the Holy Spirit for granted as well. In our baptism, the promise of the Holy Spirit is given to us, never to leave. What if we so much depend on the Holy Spirit for everything we do in faith, that it has somehow become forgotten in our understanding of faith.

This is something that I will be thinking about for a while, and would love to hear your understanding on as well!

~Pr Matthew