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Rethinking Traditions


For those who were in Church yesterday, you heard a bit about something called a Lavabo, which can be found in many "high liturgical" churches (follow the link for more info).  At Peace we also have what I would consider a modern day lavabo, namely a small bottle of hand sanitizer that I use to wash my
hands before Communion.

I find a lot of value in tradition, it is one of the reasons I find myself in the Lutheran Church.  That being said I think it is important to understand the traditions we hold dear, and at times adapt them to the present situation (like the hand sanitizer).  If we don't risk questioning, we can easily fall into the trap of of the classic joke about cutting off the ends of a roast (Read story here).

What Traditions in your day to day life, might need to be revisited, so that you can get the most out of them?