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Narrative Lectionary


As I shared with those who were in church on Sunday for worship and our Annual Meeting, we are going to be doing something a little different through Easter this year in Church.  This stemmed from realizing how hard it would be to get the "Big Picture" of our shared Christian Story, by attending
Church regularly.  The Bible readings we currently use are a from a collection called the Revised Common Lectionary, and although very faithful, and designed to help nurture the faith of well meaning Christians, is kind of hard to follow.  Take this season of Epiphany that we find ourselves in currently.  Each week the reading try to tie back to that main season, showing us glimpses of Jesus being revealed as God (Epiphany).  Unfortunately the way to follow that "Theme" is to share a stories from before Jesus' birth, after his death, and in the midst of his ministry.  Great passages to look at, but since they are really out of order, it makes it difficult for even the most devote Bible studier to place it all in Jesus' larger context.

Out of this, has grown an idea of actually following Jesus' life from His Birth (Christmas) to His Death and Resurrection (Good Friday and Easter).  This pilot  project is called the Narrative Lectionary, and will hopefully help us get a greater grasp of our shared story this year.  We will be joining in on this lectionary "in progress" as it also walked through the Old Testament, but I think will still be a great way for us to live together for the coming months